About Birthday Bloom

Birthday Bloom is all about you finding the best personalized and customizable birthday gifts for your friends, loved ones or even yourself!

We are a New York-based company who is passionate about helping create and deliver those perfect customized gifts.

Birthdays are unique, and we here at Birthday Bloom strive to provide gift ideas that create a deeper meaning than the usual toys, electronics, or gift cards.

What we create is something that people will remember and cherish forever.

We Offer Gifts for Everyone

No matter who you need to get a birthday gift for, Birthday Bloom has you covered. There are gifts for men, women, brothers, sisters, or parents and grandparents.

We offer a wide variety of quality and personalized products to please anyone and compliment their lifestyle.

Whether your family member or friend is one or a hundred or more, you can find something they will love from baby onesies to tote bags.

One thing we at Birthday Bloom strive for is to offer customizable and personalized gifts to fit anyone of any age or lifestyle.

What often makes a truly stellar gift is when it is something that the person who is getting it will use.

We worked hard to add options for our shoppers so that they could make their gift just right.

You can find baby clothes that make little ones stand out in the playgroup. If you are looking for something for a hard to please teenager or college student, try a customizable phone case or backpack.

Customized t-shirts are always perfect for hanging out around the house or a casual trip into town with friends.

Birthday Bloom also offers accessories like jewelry and bags, as well as pillows or even flip-flops. All customizable and all made with the best, quality materials. And let’s not forget the microwave and dishwasher safe mugs.

And don’t forget the gift card. We can customize those too.

Online Shopping is Already Easy. We Make it Special

The best thing to happen to retail in the last twenty years is online shopping. It has given us more things to buy and places to buy them from than ever before. It also made it easier to get the right gift. All anyone has to do is sign up to an online store’s wishlist. Then anyone who wants can get their family or friend any item listed.

But in the end, it’s just more stuff that will be forgotten one day.

Birthday Bloom’s mission
Birthday Bloom’s mission is to help our customers not only get a fantastic gift for the special people in their lives.

Make it a memorable gift that touches them on a meaningful and personal level. Not only does our wide array of gift options make it easy for anyone to find the perfect gift, but we also add the customized and personal touch that makes it truly special.

Need Help Customizing That Perfect Gift?

If you have any issues getting that personalized gift exactly right, contact us for help.

Our friendly and knowledgeable designers will be glad to assist you in any way you need. We want your loved one to have the best gift experience possible, and make it something that everyone will cherish forever.

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